Appetizer – the art of serving and enjoyment


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For a true gastronomic pleasure and experience, one should respect the long-cherished tradition of serving and providing harmony of flavors united in an ideal sequence. In order to get to know all the nuances and aromas, you should indulge in the appetizer completely freely, while waiting for the touch of the first flavors. The appetizer, as a pure art of serving and enjoyment, is a fantastic introduction to the gastronomic pleasure this summer.

Restaurant Tinjanski Vijulin respects the cherished tradition of gastronomic art in creating a true melody of tastes, aromas and textures. Istrian tradition and local ingredients form the basis of their rich sequences, and everything, of course, begins with a delicious appetizer. Indulge in the pleasures of cold appetizers such as various prosciuttos – idyllic tasting specialties – as well as an extremely tasty palette of cheeses, while as warm appetizers, there are soups rich in aromas and nuances.

The appetizer truly represents a great introduction to every gastronomic experience and the first touch of rich flavors on the palate and taste buds, so the art of gastronomy is evident in the very beginnings of tasting – restaurant Tinjanski Vijulin offers a tradition on a platter served just like real art to experience true enjoyment and serving first flavors, aroma, shade and texture.