Istrian tradition and local ingredients – the foundations of amazing recipes


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Some beauties have been passed down for generations and this is exactly where their true charm lies – gentle respect and nurturing of tradition is the foundation of today’s Istrian cuisine, and in combination with local ingredients, the ecstasy of amazing flavors is guaranteed. This is exactly what the restaurant Tinjanski Vijulin offers you on a platter – a beautiful tradition that you will discover and get to know in your favorite way – gastronomically.

Homemade ingredients significantly contribute to nurture tradition and respecting its recipe – that’s the only way to preserve the true beauty of each delicacy and specialty, as well as those special flavors, aromas, juiciness and rich texture. Restaurant Tinjanski Vijulin offers a handful of various dishes to get to know the gastronomy of their ancestors in various ways – from carefully prepared pasta and pizza to meat specialties and sweet desserts. When tasting, you will certainly feel all the beauties of the Istrian tradition, but don’t forget to also taste amazing local wines because only then the unique gastronomic experience is guaranteed!

Restaurant Tinjanski Vijulin is proud of its respect for tradition, homemade ingredients and careful monitoring of the recipes of its ancestors – this is the basis of their amazing specialties. Gastronomy is really the best way to get to know the Istrian tradition!