Juicy burgers to delight all the senses


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There are recipes that are unique and special, and with their ideal processing, preparation and final execution, they truly contribute to the magnificence of taste, texture and aroma. The synonym “majesty” represents the best culinary masters who create new burgers recipes with amazing freshness, different harmony and famous flavors.

Burgers are prepared according to recipes that represent the imaginative innovations of chefs, especially when we talk about the restaurant Tinjanski Vijulin where you can enjoy the juiciness of various burger recipes. There you can find the numerous meat variants of this specialty that will simply delight you with their juiciness and idyllic combined ingredients, while your senses will be tickled while tasting. Of course, the restaurant also offers a new 100% vegan burger that hides in a gentle embrace of hemp flour-based pastries.

Juicy flavors of burgers that will completely conquer all your senses, especially the palate and its taste buds, are waiting for you in the restaurant Tinjanski Vijulin in the preparation of the skilled hands of the chefs!