Juicy steaks in the restaurant Tinjanski Vijulin


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We believe you already know that there are true kings of the sea depths who rule in the world of gastronomy. But you must ask yourself – if we are talking about meat specialties that could boast the title of king, what recipe exactly would carry that flattering title? We think there is no debate and that only a big, juicy steak can be called king – that recipe waits for you in the preparation under the top baton of the chefs in the restaurant Tinjanski Vijulin!

The steak is an extremely tasty piece of meat, excellently roasted, juicy and soft! Of course, such a recipe is a real challenge when preparing because chefs have to meet really high demands of refined palates, but you do not have to worry about that, just leave it to the experienced hands of the chefs of the restaurant Tinjanski Vijulin. There, Soul Fiorentina steak awaits you – a top-quality steak aged for 21 days in order to represent an exceptional piece of meat for preparation, with, of course, all the beauties and nuances that are best expressed in the final tasting. This meal is ideal for true connoisseurs and lovers of meat, so set off for Tinjan where this meat sensation awaits you.

Juiciness and softness, exceptional final flavors and pure pleasure in the meat specialty and one of the kings of gastronomy – try the amazing steak recipe in the restaurant Tinjanski Vijulin and meet the true sensation of juicy flavors!