The amazing tastes of Istrian pearl – Tinjanski Vijulin


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What are the beauties of the mysterious and beautiful Istria? We may not have discovered everything, but we did find one pearl – its melody of taste, smell and texture seduces all the senses as it gently teases the palate with a few drops of wine. That pearl is called Tinjanski Vijulin.

The incredible richness of the taste of the Istrian tradition rests on the foundations of local ingredients, but also in the safe hands of the chefs of the pizzeria and restaurant Tinjanski Vijulin. The traditional recipe is an ideal first step in creating an indigenous cuisine specialty of our ancestors, and a wide range of the most delicious sequences will meet the highest requirements of every lover of true pleasures and gastronomic experience.

Plates rich in amazing colors, idyllic texture and perfectly matched flavors, await you in amazing sequences – appetizers of traditional recipes and flavors, main dishes which hides variety of meat specialties, pasta and pizza, while ecstasy will be fully rounded with sweet notes of the dessert. What exactly awaits you in Tinjanski Vijulin? Fantastic tastes of the rich Istrian history and tradition prepared in various ways, with the aim of seducing your senses and creating that famous ecstasy that rarely leaves anyone indifferent.

Indulge in the call of beautiful central Istria and the small town of Tinjan where history and culture are waiting to be explored, and excellent gastronomy to be tasted – satisfy your craving for new flavors, colors and textures!