The comfort of your own home with a true gastronomic experience


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The first days of autumn are slowly on the horizon. While we’re all trying to say goodbye to summer, we’re enjoying the changing beauties of nature, such as donning an incredibly gorgeous attire of colors and rich textures. Of course, it is nice to enjoy these first changes of nature and the environment, but somehow it is even better to enjoy them from the comfort of your own home, terrace or garden. In order to truly experience these beauties of nature, indulge in the gastronomic nuances of autumn by the restaurant Tinjanski Vijulin which will deliver their specialties to your doorstep.

The comfort of your own home, the family atmosphere and warmth, as well as the amazing delicacies and specialties of your favorite restaurant – aren’t the first days of autumn in that combination a true pleasure? In order to get acquainted with the rich menu of the restaurant Tinjanski Vijulin, you don’t have to search much, on the contrary – scan the QR code that you can find on the restaurant’s page and all the menu specialties will be available in the palm of your hand! It is up to you to just decide what will delight your palate and give it a true rhapsody of rich flavors and aromas.

Why not bring home a real gastronomic experience? Enjoy the comfort of your own home while the chefs of the restaurant Tinjanski Vijulin will make sure that the delivered specialties completely delight all your senses!