The magical flavors of the summer desserts


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The fantastic rhapsody of freshly tasted gastronomic sequences is not complete until the sweet notes of desserts are added to the tasting of the main course, which completes a truly unique gastronomic experience. In order to give your palate the true aromas and beauties of magical summer desserts, be sure to try the sweet delicacies of the restaurant Tinjanski Vijulin!

Top chefs will fulfill all your sweet fantasies and provide you with a rhapsody of flavors and aromas that you will really find hard to forget – creme brulee with Istrian curd, delicious pancakes with various fillings, amazing lava cake combined with vanilla ice cream, providing an incredible game of cold tenderness ice cream and hot chocolate, cheese cake with wild berries and crostata with ricotta and nutella. Do you already feel the perfect sweet shades conquering your palates and taste buds?

This summer be sure to visit the restaurant Tinjanski Vijulin and indulge in its fantastic gastronomic nuances, as well as sweet delicacies that complete the entire gastronomic experience!