Tinjanski Vijulin – the right place for gatherings with your family, children and friends


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Socializing with our loved ones always occupies a special place in the heart – memories, stories and enjoying those moments are hard to surpass, and they are always nurtured with a special dose of love and kindness. Tinjanski Vijulin is a restaurant that hides such stories — pleasant atmosphere, excellent gastronomic specialties, wine list and your loved ones — can it be better?

Restaurant Tinjanski Vijulin is a place of fun, tasting and enjoyment, and it is designed and decorated precisely to further emphasize the importance of socializing and provide you with so much precious time with your family and loved ones. The restaurant has a separate space that can serve as a great place for various celebrations or, as it is often said, life stages that deserve special celebration. Of course, you do not have to worry about your children because they have their own corner where they can enjoy drawing and coloring, or a variety of creativity and imaginative expression! Therefore, the restaurant Tinjanski Vijulin is really the right place for family and friends’ gatherings, and visits with children – everyone will be satisfied with true pleasures of amazing specialties and appropriate drinks.

Use these first autumn days to connect with your loved ones – try new gastronomic specialties with great company and a pleasant atmosphere of the restaurant Tinjanski Vijulin!