Welcome to Tinjan!


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In each part of our beautiful country is woven a special tradition specific only to that one area. So how many secrets are yet to be discovered? Many. That’s the charm – explore and indulge in moments of pure pleasure. History, culture, beauty of architecture and enviable panorama are intertwined with the Istrian tradition of beautiful gastronomy and the most lovely flavors – welcome to Tinjan!

There are many ways to get to know this place, but the favorite one is from the perspective of a researcher – historical, cultural, nature lover and taster of new flavors! But what exactly is awaiting for you? A beautiful lookout over Drago at the County Table is the place where the prefects and judges sat, and along the road leading to the valley stands a statue of St. Ivan Nepomuk, protector of floods, confessors, queens, poors and bridge builders. Of course, the lookout offers an incredible view along the fertile valley. Exploring the streets will take you to the former city loggia and pillar of shame, and to the baroque house of Depier. Parish Church of St. Simon and Judas Thaddeus dates from the 18th century and is a really interesting example of the late Baroque in Istria. Romanesque church of St. Cross is also waiting to intrigue with its beauty.

Rich history and culture are waiting for you at every step, and when you need a break and tasting of traditional Istrian recipes, head to the pizzeria and restaurant Tinjanski Vijulin where an incredible gastronomic experience awaits you!